Holidays in Spain- our warm and magical time

The view on Arcos city, Spain.
Beautiful southern Spain- Arcos city.

Spanish dream came true. I was waiting for it the whole year. We haven’t been in the city which wouldn’t amaze us. We decided we both want to make some sightseeing and simply relax. And no country is better for chilling than sunny Espanya. It was just a part of our holidays plan, but the biggest one. Let me tell you in this post briefly which cities we have seen in the South of Spain and why it’s worth to get there. Later on I will try to describe them all! Hope to inspire some of travelers.

Holidays in Gibraltar- where everything started

Holidays in Gibraltar
Our holidays in Gibraltar- wild monkeys and us!

We have started with Gibraltar. The main attraction for us ( and I guess not only for us) were Barbary Macaques. Although they are not definitely pets, they may have some interaction with you if you act properly. I did although I read everywhere ,, do not touch”, ,,do not feed”, ,,do not anything with Barbary Macaques”. Well, I advise you not, of course, but I had so much fun feeding little monkey with a banana. And taking pictures with the lovely view on the rocks, sea, ships… I am posting one so that you will know what I am talking about. Among other attractions we have seen  Great Siege Tunnels, St Michael’s Cave and Moorish Castle.

Sewilla, Malaga and Granada- visiting warm south of Spain

White villages,  palm-lined promenades, caves, incredible viewpoints, bullfighting, tapas and flamenco! Where else meet Spanish folklore if not in the most stereotypical Spanish region, Andalusia? We have focused in three cities- Sewilla, Malaga and Grenada. It was simply a pleasure to feel this Moorish climate and real Spanish temper hidden in small, crowded pubs. I will try to mention some of the most interesting places in this three cities.

What see do in Sevilla

Plaza de Los Reyes fountain in Seville, Spain
One of the most beautiful attractions in Seville: fountain in Plaza de Los Reyes.
  • Alcazar of Puerta de Seville
  • Puerta de Córdoba
  • Church of San Pedro
  • Fountain of Lions
  • Roman Amphitheater
  • Roman Necropolis
  • Mansion in the Aguilar

The capital of Spain’s Andalusia region,  a city rich with Moorish heritage. It was really amazing to see Alcázar, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, impressive, early medieval fortress. All those who wish to learn the history of Spain should visit old lavish palaces build before Christian Conquest. And, like all magnificent churches in here, those in Andalusia won’t disappoint you for sure. They come usually from 10-14th century and are worth your time.

What to do in Malaga?

This time the capital of Costa del Sol. Definitely even the name itself encourages to spend you holidays in there, isn’t it? Alcazaba, Museo Picasso and lovely Cathedral La Manquita are ,,must see” in Malaga, but also beaches, wildlife and parks are inviting tourists to rest in this seaside city. And we shall not forget about fresh barbecue sardines! Obligatory places to see?

Holidays in Malaga, Spain.
Holidays, so beautiful,
Take me to a place called paradise- Malaga beach!
  • Parish Church of San Sebastian
  • Castle and Arabic Wall
  •  the Roman Theatre
  • Fountain of Carlos III
  • Cemetery
  •  Carmen Thyssen Museum
  • Hedionda baths
  • Antigua tourism office
  • Mirador del Peurto
  • Crypt of Santa Maria de la Victoria
  • Cortijo Jurado

Granada attrations

Quien no ha visto Granada, no ha visto nada. 

There is something in this Spanish phrase. The city is located a few kilometers inland from the southern coastline of Spain. It is said that Granada is the soul of Andalusia.  The city is blessed with Moorish heritage dating back more than 700 years. It was ruled by many Caliphs, Arabic sultans and dynasties. And nowadays we can admire buildings from those times. The Alhambra is arguably the top of everyone’s list of Granada attractions to visit. And, of course, Sierra Nevada is the second highest mountain range in Europe after the Alps.

  • House caves
  • Capilla Real
  • Pantano Francisco Abellan
  • Cathedral of the Incarnation
  • The Gypsy Quarter of Sacromonte
  • Hoya de Guadix bike
  • Arab Bath
  • Albaicín: The Old Arab Town

Well, that’s it for now. I hope the South of Spain will tempt you after reading this. Wouldn’t you like to spend holidays in there?