Auschwitz tour

Our Auschwitz to tour was exceptional, that’s for sure. Although we are thrill seekers, always looking for extreme activities, this tour was one of the bests.

It was totally different kind of adventure for us. No wild nature, jungles, mountains or waterfalls but a lot of emotions…

Auschwitz tour - gate
Auschwitz gate “Arbeit Macht frei”

What will you see during Auschwitz Tour

We went on private Auschwitz tour with a company from Krakow. The prize was reasonable, the service excellent and we didn’t have to wait in the long cue for entrance tickets. We drove about 1 hour from Krakow to Auschwitz and at 10 am we were already there.

  1. Auschwitz I – the first part of the camp. There are some administration buildings, Nazi offices and prisoners barracks. However, there are also such terrifying places like block of cruel penalties and tortures. Walls are full of inmates photographs with terrified and exhausted faces. Probably the most shocking are photos of sick inmates who were selected for inhuman experiments. There is also Death Wall – a memorial spot commemorating all convicts shot by Nazis.
  2. Auschwitz II Birkenau – It’s the largest part if the camp (about 160 h!) Auschwitz Birkenau is full of wooden barracks were prisoners were living in poor conditions. In fact, such barracks were used for horses before the war… Ruins of gas chambers in Auschwitz Birkenau gives the place very disturbing atmosphere. Barbered wires and observation towers make you realize that there was no escape from that hell…
  3. AltenJudenrampen – it’s a original wagon standing between two parts of museum. Although you can use a free bus shuttling between two camps, I recommend to walk and see the wagon. It’s kind of memorial of prisoners who had to struggle in terrible conditions in Auschwitz transports. In fact, many of them died already on the way as there were not enough food and air…
Auschwitz tour - Birkenau camp
Auschwitz tour is something you wont forget – gas chambers ruins in Birkenau.

Is it worth to visit Auschwitz?

Is it worth? Of course it is, no doubts. There are plenty reasons to go on Auschwitz tour. Probably everyone will have slightly different motivation. However, there are some issues that are common for everybody.

First of all, it’s the most important Holocaust memorial in the world. At least in our opinion. Although WWII is far behind us, we cannot forget those events. Maybe it’ll sound a little bit scary but it CAN happen again so it’s extremely important to be aware.

Secondly, going on an Auschwitz trip is a great chance to think a lot and clear your head. Suddenly you r realize that all your problems are not so bad comparing them into Auschwitz prisoners situation. Maybe it’s an opportunity to start appreciate your freedom? I had this feeling and I’m really grateful to have this experience.

Auschwitz tour tips

Auschwitz tour - Birkenau gate
Auschwitz II – Birkenau main entrance

Here are some advises that I can give you after my Auschwitz tour:

  1. Do not visit Auschwitz Birkenau with kids – it’s definitely not a place for young, clear minds. Although everybody should visit Auschwitz, make sure that your kids are prepared for the experience.
  2. Be prepared for brutal and truly disturbing images. If you’re faint of heart, keep in mind that it won’t be easy trip for you. For example, it’s not a good idea to plan some kind of party after the tour as you clearly won’t have a party mood.
  3. In general, you can take pictures during your Auschwitz tour. There are few exceptions, but your guide will inform you about that. However, there are many people who abuse this rule and they make very inappropriate pictures in the camp. I mean smiley selfies or funny poses in front of the Auschwitz gate… With all my heart, I beg you – don’t do that.
  4. Don’t take to big bags as the maximum size is A4 format. I took bigger one and had to leave it in the car.

Auschwitz facts that blew our minds

  1. There was a place called Lagermuseum in Auschwitz concentration camp. It was an art gallery for Nazis, where they were collecting different works of prisoners. In fact. Germans were “hiring” talented inmates to draw some illustrations or maps for them.
  2. In both camps, there were prisoners orchestras. Musicians were playing everyday on different occasions including prisoners selections… It’s unbelievable that they had to practice 14 hours a day living in a concentration camp…
  3. Over 70 % of Nazi officers from the camp had elementary education only.
  4. There was a Polish nun who delivered over 3000 healthy babies in Auschwitz camp!
  5. On gas chamber could kill up to 6000 people in one day.
Gas chambers ruins

Hope I encouraged some of you to go on Auschwitz tour. Take care!